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About Us

Indvesto International Partners

Indvesto International Partners provides a complete range of specialist legal services, driven by the needs of our clients and delivered by our highly certified skilled professional.

Our clients range from businesses, individuals and public sector. We work closely with Clients to seal the goals, close deals, and protect and preserve their assets including their intellectual property rights.

Our dedicated team are able to respond to the needs of our clients with the resources to manage all size of transactions and matters for small to medium sized companies as well as large multinational companies, you can be assured that we have all the legal expertise that you need in doing a business and your daily live.

Especially in corporate law matters, we combine corporate insight with expert legal knowhow in term of offering to you the strategic legal advice to not only protect your business but also allow you to grow and reach your business goals.

In litigation matters, our team will assist you and your company at any level court in Indonesia. Our team also shall assist you and your company to appear before the Arbitration Forum in settling the case. We defend all your legal interest and rights in order to get the legal remedies to the parties which has harmed you and your business.

Fashion Law

We work closely with legal issues related to intellectual property rights, bussiness and finance, employment and labor, logistics, textile and garment industries is as knows as fashion law.

Our Shared Values


Our priority is to ensure the clients are assisted with highly crafted knowledge to reach the goals. We obviously build long term relationship and a deep understanding of their needs. Thus the integrity will bound us each other.


We are extremely aware that Client expected the case have to settle fast by reasonable time. Thus, The case we handle are always hand on by a team. The team will handle a few case in order to dedicated times and concern.

Move Fast

The world has move rapidly. All business has their own challenging in disruption era. As a commercial law firm, We have to move faster in delivering the services and face the challenges. We prepare the excellent knowledge by investing our team in prominent short course, not only in legal aspect but also in business, accounting, Financial Technology and business marketing.

Sensible Cost

We deliver our expertise through our lawyer to fulfill the legal needs of you and your company. If you have a limited budget we can help to prioritize your legal needs. We will break down your requirements into individual fixed-price deliverable. The Cost will always to adapted with the Client’s financial ability.