IP Portfolio Management

INDVESTO is dedicated in assisting Clients, ranging from large corporations to small businesses, in effectively developing and managing their valuable Intellectual Property assets.Our Comprehensive approach to IP management involves a collaborative effort across multiple teams, including R&D, Finance, Marketing, Business Development, and Legal. By leveraging the expertise of these cross-functional teams, we ensure that every aspect of your IP portfolio is strategically handled to maximize its potential.

Trademark, Patent, Copyrights, and Industrial designs represent invaluable assets for your company. Our primary objective is to safeguard your Intellectual Property by employing robust strategies that effectively deter competitors from entering your markets. By mitigating the risks posed by competitor businesses, INDVESTO enable you to maintain a competitive advantages.

IP Portfolio Management lies at the heart of our strategic services. INDVESTO work closely with your business, implementing the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) cycle to continually optimize your IP assets in alignment with your overall business objectives. Through meticulous planning, precise execution, through evaluation, and adaptive action, INDVESTO ensure that your IP Portfolio remains a strong foundation for your success.

  • Establishing The IP Department of Excellence: INDVESTO will guide you in setting up an efficient and dedicated IP department tailored to your organization’s unique needs. With the right structure and processes in place, you will gain the proactive ability to effectively manage your Intellectual Property, gaining a strategic advantage over competitors;
  • Enhancing The IP Department: INDVESTO Provide comprehensive support to your existing IP Department, augmenting their capabilities and equipping them with the necessary tools, methodologies, and expertise to effectively handle your IP Portfolio. Our goal is to optimize your IP management practices and streamline your process;
  • Providing On-Site Training to Internal IP Teams: INDVESTO offer personalized training programs that equip your internal IP team with the latest industry knowledge, best practices, and legal insights. This package ensures that your team is well-equipped to navigate the complexities of IP Management and contribute significantly to your organization’s success.

INDVESTO is committed to delivering exceptional IP Portfolio Management Services that empower you to protect and capitalize on your intellectual property. With our unwavering dedication to safeguarding your assets and maximizing your competitive edge, you can focus on what matters most propelling your business forward.